My Nokia 6210 started acting u …

My Nokia 6210 started acting up on New Year’s Eve. It would crash or turn itself off without warning. When I tried to enter the pin number the phone would only accept one or two digits. It was time to upgrade.
I wanted to stay with Nokia, so I had two choices, go for a Nokia 3510 (fairly cheap) or buy a 7650, the top of the range camera phone.
As it turns out, I was offered the 3510 for EUR4.50 and the 7650 for EUR9 and EUR20.83 each month for a year. I’m a Vodafone bill payer so I got EUR40 off the 7650.
I bought the Nokia 7650.
I’ve had it for a day, what do I think?

  • The camera is terrible, but then if I want to take good photographs I’ll use my digital camera.
  • The keyboard is a bit small for my hands, and the keys themselves don’t stick out enough for my liking.
  • The keyboard is way too small for action games. Puzzle games should be fine. Snake and a picture shuffle game are the only ones that were included on my phone.
  • Ringtones and sound are good, it plays midi files so I’ll have to go look for some of my favourite c64 tunes online!
  • GPRS is nice, but expensive, Vodafone will charge 2c per K after March.
  • Screen and GUI are fine. The GUI took some getting used to, and it’s fiddly in places (try setting the alarm: Navigate down to Extras->Clock->Set Alarm) There are shortcuts so I’ll have to read up on that.

I want to find out how to code applications for the phone now. Must go googling.

Nokia 7650 downloads:

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