Photography roundup

Ken says you should shoot jpeg while Petteri Sulonen says shoot raw! I can only shoot jpeg at the moment but when I do upgrade I’ll be sure to give my opinion 🙂
Ken also has an extensive Canon 20D vs Nikon D70 test. Considering he’s a huge Nikon fan it’s reasonably balanced! You may find his Canon 20D review useful too. Apparently Nikon lenses can be used on Canon bodies! You need to buy an adaptor though.
And finally, he has a great write-up on batteries. I have several sets of NIMH batteries at home that are getting a bit long in the tooth and not performing as well. He suggests that, you can easily rejuvenate them by running them through a full discharge-charge cycle a couple of times.

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3 thoughts on “Photography roundup

  1. Only JPEG I’m afraid, but IMO there’s very little difference between shooting at high-quality jpeg and tiff, and even then I shoot at standard quality usually to save space.

  2. Before we went to the UK a few years ago, I invested in a few 128mb cards for my camera… On my Olympus C3000 Zoom (a 3 mega-p P&S I picked up a few years ago), each of those cards holds something like 11 tifs, 65 “super high quality” jpgs or 169 “high quality” jpgs. On the road for two weeks I always opted for the HQ setting (lately opting more for the SHQ). Yet there’s still a difference between what I see in data quantity between a TIF and my SHQ shots, as you can see from the capacity on the card.

    I have the feeling that whether or not we see a quality difference depends on the medium we’re using: on the web a 600×450 pixel shot can look great if it’s only 100 k — but if you do a large print, you probably want much more.

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