WPMU: Please add commentmeta first

I was going to announce WordPress MU 2.9.1 today but I knew that people would run into trouble with the missing commentmeta table if they didn’t upgrade their blogs immediately.

So, download add-commentmeta.txt, rename it to add-commentmeta.php and copy it into your mu-plugins folder. Login to your site as a Site Admin, visit Site Admin->Upgrade and upgrade all the blogs on your site. Make sure you’re using WordPress MU 2.8.6 as the upgrade script in older versions may not execute the plugin.

The script above will add the commentmeta table to each blog. Give it time because it will take quite a while on large sites. WordPress MU 2.9.1 tomorrow.

28 thoughts on “WPMU: Please add commentmeta first

  1. So if I upgrade my site immediately after plopping down the 2.9.1 files, i don’t have to run the add-commentmeta script before hand?

  2. Hi Donncha,

    If we only have small WPMU installs (less than 100 blogs), is this step of using the mu-plugin necessary?

    ie. will WPMU 2.9.1 try to add this new table as part of its standard upgrade procedure (if I update the core files then run Site Admin -> Upgrade).

    For previous versions of WPMU that involve db changes, a separate mu-plugin wasn’t required.


    1. It’s up to you, but I’d create the tables before hand. There’s nothing quite like the stress of upgrading and finding that something has broken. This is one less thing you have to worry about.

      I don’t think the missing commentmeta table will crash your blogs or anything but there’s no harm in being prepared and having it done already.

  3. We had some issues upgrading from to WPMU 2.8.6, so we’re still stuck at WPMU 2.7 (auto-upgrade isn’t working yet, so we have to do it manually). I was hoping to upgrade directly to WPMU 2.9.1… Will that be possible?

  4. I tried to locate the 2.8.6 download first, but could not find a link to it anywhere on the mu site. I am running Do you think it is safe to upgrade to 2.9.1 directly? Or should I keep hunting down 2.8.6 first?

  5. I upgraded to WPMU 2.9.1 before I read this post. So far I have less than a dozen blogs but plan on many more soon. What do you suggest I do?

  6. I went ahead and did the upgrade before seeing your message. I can report that at least for me I had no problem going from to 2.9.1

    Great job on this, I am loving the new features already, and I’m sure my users will really love them.

  7. …nothing quite like the stress of upgrading and finding that something has broken.

    That’s for sure! I’m sorry I found this post, after upgrading, but very glad to see that commentmeta tables were successfully created on all our 200+ member blogs. I’ll assume that means running Upgrade again with the script installed is not necessary.

    Thanks for everything!

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