Feedback requested, feedback provided. 🙂

1. “The plugin folder normally lives in wp-super-cache/plugins/ but by modifying the $wp_cache_plugins_dir variable in the config file you can put it anywhere. That’s a good idea if you develop your own supercache plugins …” That’s fine and dandy – until another SC plugin comes in and sets $wp_cache_plugins_dir for itself.

2. Please elaborate on the four filters wp_cache_key,
wp_cache_served_cache_file, wp_cache_get_cookies_values and do_createsupercache, such as possible secondary usages. Three common examples:

a. running my own PHP on before serving half-on requests without editing wp-cache-phase1.php myself.
b. force serving a fresh page if the http referer is a search engine result page.
c. force expiring the cache for a page because of a querystring parameter.

I call them ‘secondary usage’ because filters aren’t supposed to have side effects. Go figure.

Sorry to bust your chops, Donncha, ye know those two sample plugins? Both absolutely aint got no inline documentation — not even one line of comment! Aint much help if your doc tells a padawan to use ’em as a reference.

Thanks for posting this.