The Lisbon Treaty: reasons for voting yes

Last year I voted no to Lisbon and despite reading about the controlling superstate in “Vulcan’s Hammer”, as a consequence of the fictional Lisbon Laws I’ll be voting yes today.

More than anything else, the “No to Lisbon” campaign has convinced me to vote that way. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “The Lisbon Treaty: reasons for voting yes

  1. apparently you were not too awake when you looked at the ridiculous yes posters.
    They promise a direct better economy, the protection of jobs. While the NEVER can claim this or back this up with date. Evenmore: With the new legislation taxation in Ireland could change, making us less interesting for companies thus Lisbon is costing us jobs instead of creating new ones. All additional laws are unnecessary, we work fine within the european union as it is. The only reason for the law is that the Bilderberger group has more power and grip over the european nations and can dictate their global plan of slavery of mankind!
    But since you haven’t read up on the first time, you are now going to vote yes on something you still haven’t read up about and you are not knowing where you are talking about… for you kind it might be better that democracy is abolished since you don’t know the meaning of it.

  2. At least you get a chance to vote. Over here in the UK, despite being promised a vote on the matter as one of Labours election manifesto promises, we’ve been denied the right to choose, apparently the Lisbon treaty is far too complicate for us mere mortal voters to understand so our Government has decided to rubber stamp it.

    I do wonder though if the vote had been Yes last time if this second vote would be happening, and if this time it goes NO again will there be yet another vote, and another until the Irish Government gets the vote they want. Politics is a murky business really.

  3. Lisbon will destroy, not save, workers rights


    vote no- save democracy and stop police state EU-sovjet union.

    In the Laval case, the ECJ ruled Swedish unions had breached EU law by forcing a Latvian company employing workers in Sweden to observe local pay agreements, while the verdict in the Viking case suggested unions cannot call a strike against a firm moving its employment from one member state to another in order to lower wages :

  4. The Laval case is a red herring for Ireland. The only reason it happened in Sweden is because they don’t have a minimum wage. And anyway, it’s happening already – the GAMA workers that built the Ballincollig bypass weren’t paid at all in some cases.

    The main purpose of Lisbon is to make voting more efficient among 27 member states. Have you ever seen a committee of 27 that unanimously agreed on anything?

    My main reason for voting yes is the same as Donncha’s – that and the fact you have ex terrorists, right wing bible bashers and commies on the No side and everyone else on the yes side.

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