Huge Xbox 360 price hike on the way

Well, this is shocking. I’m glad I bought my Xbox 360 a while back before this price hike went into effect.

For those who don’t know, visit the Xbox 360 Elite page for Ireland. See that price? Looks like we get gouged yet again with sky high prices in rip off Ireland. *sigh*

I bet you thought the minor price hike in the UK was bad. At least Microsoft could blame a weak currency but we’re in the Eurozone for crying out loud!

xbox price hike


PS. I can recommend without reservation the new Batman game. I’m a few hours into it now and it’s enthralling. It has to be the best superhero game ever. The scene in the morgue with the Scarecrow had me freaked out and just a little scared.
D’you remember the Batman stories where he fought Scarecrow? It’s one thing to read it and watch Batman’s reactions to the fears planted by the poisoned gases, but quite another to be right-in-there-feeling-the-fear. Can’t wait to play it again!

11 thoughts on “Huge Xbox 360 price hike on the way

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  2. I’m not really a good fan of playing Batman in Xbox 360 Elite, but I can say that this brand new version of XBox 360 is gonna be a huge hit to the gaming console market today.

    If I own that console, I would try the new Batman game to see what features I might attract, as I like adventure games.

    1. ‘fraid so. The price in the UK went up by 50 quid I think because the value of Sterling dropped so much against the Euro. Not that you’d know it living around here..

  3. I see they have corrected the error! Its a pity they didnt put it down as €24.99, I would have been clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button pretty sharpish 🙂

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