Crash Different

An oldie, but as they say, “a goody”. For all the Mac fans who are sick and tired of their computers crashing. (Hey Mark!)
Found this on a CD while sorting through my CDRs and music collection. Most are now ripped to MP3 and the physical media is heading into the attic for safe storage.

Why is it that most of my compilation CDs are from about 10 years ago? Does music become less relevant the older you get? I’ve never bought music online but if I do, Blue Lights on the Runway by Bell X1 will probably be the first album I buy. Love “The Great Defector”, their current single.

3 thoughts on “Crash Different

  1. lol I haven’t seen that video in years! It’s like Aspirin for all the headaches Mactards give me.

    I may purchase that BellX1 album too, but €10 for 256kbps MP3’s!? :-\ I think I’ll pay the extra €3 to have a non-compressed “backed-up” version on CD for me 🙂

  2. Thanks for the laughs!

    I had never seen this video before and felt like that was me telling the story about macs in general…lol. I have pretty much stuck with the pc myself because of what was perfectly delivered in this sketch comedy.

    As far as the music, I think we all get hooked in a time warp and tend to gravitate to music that has significance to a particular period in our lives that probably seemed to have more relevance at the time. The music may provide a subliminal gateway to those experiences that we like to revisit.

  3. Yup. Music becomes less relevant for a while and then a band comes along that gets you back into it. That’s what happened to me ten years ago (And it wasn’t bloody Coldplay…)

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