WordPress MU 2.7

After a lengthy delay, WordPress MU 2.7 is now available. WordPress MU is the software that runs on WordPress.com and many other sites.

This is a sync of the code from WordPress 2.7 released last December. It’s taken a while but I think it’s worth the wait as there are many bugs fixed. Besides the merge with WordPress 2.7 there are also a few new features, including Viper007bond’s admin bar which is the most user visible addition.
Check the timeline for further info.

Upgrading from WordPress MU 2.6.5 should be as easy as copying over your existing install but please backup everything. Blog databases must be upgraded but that will occur in the background as usual.

I would really like to thank everyone who helped me bring this release out and offered me encouragement along the way. I’d name names but I’m bound to miss someone! It’s great hearing what everyone is doing with WordPress MU. There’s quite a community out there!

63 thoughts on “WordPress MU 2.7

  1. by way of helping others with the upgrade…

    I know this should be obvious but…

    remember to use overwrite-ALL when you upload the new files and over right your 2.6.5 version. FTP is not always nice when you upload…

    Thank you Donncha for the fine work!

  2. Thank you very much for your hard work. I use WordPress 2.7 for my main site and have been looking forward to using MU 2.7 for another site that I have agreed to develop.

  3. great work Donncha.
    just download .sip file
    I’ve been looking forward to using MU 2.7 for new site i have.

    Thanks Donncha

  4. i’ve been thinking about doing this so other geekmom’s can share the address with me, but is it a plugin or a whole new install? it looked like a whole new install. so why is it better than just allowing authors to post other than they can have their own name and ads?

    i would love to find install instructions on how to update or import your current wp blog if it’s possible. so much to do…

  5. i would like to upgrade my mu 2.6.5 but i’m not sure if the new wp 3.0 (mu capable) can be used in a one step upgrade, or if i have to upgrade step by step from 2.6 to .7 to .8 to .9 and finally to 3.0
    if anyone has done this please advice and help me on this.
    thanks folks

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