I called the litter warden

litter warden

This morning I discovered a black refuse sack of rubbish had been dumped almost in front of my house. This afternoon it’s still there but I rang the litter warden for South Cork, Jim Dooley at 021-4285417 giving my name, address and phone number. Hopefully they’ll get out here soon and find incriminating details buried in the bag but I don’t hold out much hope of that.

From a brief inspection of it, whoever dropped it doesn’t have the healthiest diet in the world. Packets of crisps, cans of Diet 7UP, plastic wrapping, and of course some of the local dogs have got their jaws into it too. Oh yeah, dogs are supposed to be under the owner’s control? ‘Course they are. The dog warden would have a field day around here too.

Anyway, I’m really pissed off at whoever dumped the rubbish. It’s disgusting, ignorant and completely irresponsible. I’ll update this post if the litter warden shows up. Seething.

14 thoughts on “I called the litter warden

  1. Hopefully if they are stupid enough to dump this disgusting bag, they are stupid enough to have something identifying them in the bag!

  2. Redmum – thanks, litter warden hasn’t called yet, surpised? I was shocked!

    Callum – at least the local dogs have something to play with …

  3. Some jerks in town were identified by utility bills they left in the refuse sack the disposed of in a neighbours picturesque field. Just as redmum said…. ignorant and stupid.

  4. Rubbish bag is gone this morning. Not sure if it’s the litter warden or a neighbour took it. Tried to ring the warden’s office a minute ago but no answer.

  5. If they do find personally identifiable info in the bag don’t be too quick to blame that person. I know of a case in my home town where some people, who were in the middle of a dispute with others, placed their garbage on the front curb in anticipation of the garbage truck. The people they were feuding with (of course this is an assumption, it could have been anybody) grabbed one of the bags and promptly deposited it elsewhere hoping to get the owners in trouble. Just a thought.

  6. I drove my wife into town this morning and saw a mattress under a signpost on the way in. On the way out someone had dumped what looks like half their bedroom in front a gate on a country road. As I drove by I spotted a large mattress, a wardrobe and lots of sheets of wood. Disgraceful.

  7. Be grateful you don’t live over here 🙂 As far as I’m aware we have the honor of having the only flytip to appear on Google Maps, admittedly in it’s early stages.

  8. Barry – weird, your first comment was moderated but your second went through. *shrug*
    You can’t see the small tip I saw this morning on Google Maps. I guess the land owners clean up whenever stuff is dumped there.

  9. Well, Its worse in christchurch in new zealand. The animals get into our kerbside collection sacks and spread the rubbish everywhere. Luckly we are getting wheelie bins for the collection (take that animals!)

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