Dear Donncha,

Thank you so much for posting these examples!!!

My head is done in trying to figure out how to ‘ajaxify’ a calendar plugin for wordpress I’ve (kinda) developed (it’s a lovely looking bit of frankenstein code that has been hobbled together from a number of sources)
I’ve gotten as far as rendering the calendar with an ajax link but I’m stuck on letting the user navigate between months. This was previously done by passing the month and year in the url with:
$html .= ‘Next Month > ‘;

but now that I’m relying on wp and admin-ajax.php, I’m not sure how to specify the url to pass the new month and year variables to. I’m not sure if there is a cache I need to clear from the previous ajax call, or even how to pass a variable to the $(‘.ajax-link’).click(function(){}) that is handling the passing of my variables to the script. (I can get one parameter with a hardcoded value to work but that’s it. example: data { mon: parseInt(‘2’)…}
I would be SO grateful for some guidance here. There’s fierce little in the way of online resources to find help in. Can I attach the code here?