My favourite Irish bloggers

For the last few months I’ve added a link to one of my favourite Irish bloggers to my sidebar. If your eyes wander over there now you’ll see Green Ink, Riemann’s Cut, and this month’s blog, Inside View by Bernie Goldbach.

All eyes are on the Irish Web Awards (this weekend!), Irish Blog Awards and the “Blog Post of the Month”, but why not show your appreciation for the great blogs you read by highlighting them? Have your own “Blogger of the Month”!

The blogs I add to that list are those blogs that no matter how much they post, I’ll always try to read every post because they’re entertaining or informative. Thanks guys (and gals in the future)!



4 Replies to “My favourite Irish bloggers”

  1. Haha, that’s a great pic! I’m surprised you didn’t see the torrent of traffic the link on the sidebar sent you. I must have clicked on it at least twice. πŸ™‚

  2. Right, this means I’ve got at least 3 definite fans. That’s after 2 years blogging. I’m not good at math but by my reckoning I’ll have 200,000 fans in another 2 years. COOOOL!!! (Agus shucks).

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