WP Super Cache 0.8

WP Super Cache is a page caching plugin for WordPress that will significantly speed up your website.

If you’re not interested in the changes, simply grab the latest version of the plugin and copy the files into your plugin folder. It’ll work, but if you’re upgrading, you should read on.

Major changes in this release:

  1. Generate a semaphore id based on hostname and cache path to avoid problems on shared hosts, props Tigertech.
  2. If you run WordPress from a different directory to where it’s installed, supercached files weren’t deleted when a post was made or updated. That is now fixed. Thanks Viper007Bond for all your help on that.
  3. Paged archives, category pages, and tag pages are now cleared when a post is edited or comment approved. This replicates what WP Cache did all along so you should hopefully see supercached static files updating more often.
  4. If your .htaccess is read-only, the mod_rewrite rules are displayed on the admin page. Thanks Matt for the patch.
  5. Updated mod_rewrite rules won’t serve static html files if there’s a “=” in the url. Should catch all sorts of problems with plugins and attachments. You’ll have to manually edit your root .htaccess to match the new rules.
  6. Set cache control and expiry headers of supercached files. They are cached for 5 minutes, but with a “must-revalidate” header. Delete wp-content/cache/.htaccess for the new rules to be updated.
  7. Check for WordPress MU because it can’t update the .htaccess file.
  8. Write supercache html to temporary files and rename. The old way opened the correct file for writing, did some work and wrote the file. In the fraction of a second it took to write the file, someone might request it and get an incomplete page.
  9. The Supercache expiry time has been removed. There can be only one.

Edit: 0.8.1 has just been released. This addresses the following:

  • The “forbidden files” problems some users had is fixed.
  • Supercache files were being removed needlessly when a moderated comment was made.
  • I added a “Clear cached files when post is edited” checkbox.
  • I added a “Delete Cache” link next to the Dashboard link on the dashboard.
  • Tigertech found that when a file is renamed and the new filename is already used, the old remains.
  • Updated readme.txt.

55 thoughts on “WP Super Cache 0.8

  1. As a second note – I’ve just discovered a second site with the following message in the footer of the cached page….

    Sorry – transcribing because copy paste doesn’t seem to be working in this box right now.

    Dynamic Page Served (once) in 0.707 seconds

    Page not cached by WP Super Cache. Could not get mutex lock. (same version as before 0.8.4)

  2. Donnca,

    Love the plugin and have been using it now for 6 months. Here is the odd thing that I have noticed. Without a doubt, from the day that I have started to use the plugin, analytics providers are showing a large variance in the #uniques that come to my site when compared to wordpress stats, as well as server logs, urchin etc… Is there any reason why this caching might do something with cookies or anything else that could be throwing this off? I show anywhere from a 10- 30% difference (lower) with what GA and quantcast are measuring vs. wordpress stats and other measurement tools. Quantcast seems to be the most off (I do have their JS installed), and compete has shown the site decreasing in traffic for 6 months despite a general uptick in visitors per GA and wordpress stats. Any ideas? I cant think of what might be the problem but it corresponds to the exact date that I installed the plugin.

    1. I don’t know why that’s happening Mark. If the JS for each service is hard coded in your template they should all show (mostly) the same thing. I say mostly because there are always slight differences.

      If there’s a plugin generating the JS make sure it’s executing correctly.

      1. Thanks Donncha,

        PS – sorry for the name misspell previously

        They are hard-coded into the site. It sure seems odd to me so I thought I would mention it. Not sure there is anything we can do about it.. It wouldn’t matter which settings I had within the plugin or which bots I exclude would it?

  3. I’m using WP Google Analytics plugin with WP Super Cache. You mentioned to Mark above that if a “plugin is generating the JS, make sure it’s executing correctly.”

    Well, ever since installing Super Cache several weeks ago, Google Analytics has not been tracking any of the data so the JS for the GA plugin must not be executing properly.

    Without having to do a manual install on each page of the GA code, can you suggest how I could make both of these plugins work together?

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