Love the plugin and have been using it now for 6 months. Here is the odd thing that I have noticed. Without a doubt, from the day that I have started to use the plugin, analytics providers are showing a large variance in the #uniques that come to my site when compared to wordpress stats, as well as server logs, urchin etc… Is there any reason why this caching might do something with cookies or anything else that could be throwing this off? I show anywhere from a 10- 30% difference (lower) with what GA and quantcast are measuring vs. wordpress stats and other measurement tools. Quantcast seems to be the most off (I do have their JS installed), and compete has shown the site decreasing in traffic for 6 months despite a general uptick in visitors per GA and wordpress stats. Any ideas? I cant think of what might be the problem but it corresponds to the exact date that I installed the plugin.