Once again, we have the Celtic Tiger “travel experts” complaining about something they haven’t got a clue about !

How many of you guys would be able to travel anywhere , if it wern’t for Ryanair ?

Not so long ago AER lINGUS was charging us 450 eur !! to travel to the UK.

I’m sick of idiots complaining about slight delays ,coffee prices, etc , when they are being flown to the continent for LESS than two lunches in rip off Dublin, etc.

Also, they totally ignore the safety demo’s, and then ring up Joe Duffy, etc when Oxygen masks drop down for reason’s of safety.

Cop yourselves on guys, just queue up , and shut up ! , You havent a clue about what’s involved in running an airline, so stop trying to impress your mates, who know even less !!

ps, I don’t have any connection with any airline, but am just happy to enjoy travel.