Tweet Tweet 0.1 for WordPress

I’m a big fan of Twitter. It serves as a useful tool connecting people who might never meet, and also as a vital means of communication for those who work at home or in solitary conditions.

The one huge and uncomfortable problem I see with Twitter is, “What happens to the conversation if Twitter fails?” What will you do if Twitter goes out of business tomorrow? Where will all your conversations, all the links you posted, and received from your friends be? That’s why I wrote Tweet Tweet.

Tweet Tweet is a plugin for WordPress that will archive your tweets, and the tweets of everyone you follow, plus replies you receive from strangers, and direct messages too. All these tweets will be stored safely in your database.

There is a simple “review pane” where you can see the latest tweets and go back in history but it’s very basic. The primary aim of this plugin is to ensure that your conversations are safe.

Tweet Tweet

The plugin has been tested by a number of users, but it uses jQuery and AJAX techniques for the review pane so I’d love to hear if it works for you.

Please, do not hack the plugin to poll Twitter more than once every 90 seconds. Unless you follow thousands of others, 90 seconds will be fine. I have mine set to 180 seconds and it picks up every single tweet.

Update! I just tagged version 0.2 which adds a better hover for the review pane (and makes it IE6 compatible), and also adds a search form to make it easier to navigate your Tweet archive.

31 thoughts on “Tweet Tweet 0.1 for WordPress

  1. Nice idea, and I’m intrigued enough to put it to work. Does this operate from your WP blog, or from just within the dashboard itself?

  2. Wow. What a great idea. I’ve resisted this thing as long as I can but have decided it’s worth a go. Am using Tweetdeck for now but a WP plugin seems a nice cloud-centric way to go.

    Go raibh maith agat.

  3. Looks cool, and I’ll definitely be giving it a go.

    But doesn’t Twitter Tools (Alex King) also archive tweets… as well as allowing you to post and display them on the front of the blog? So couldn’t the “review pane” just as easily have been an extension of Twitter Tools (to prevent the need for using 2 plugins that do many of the same things)?

    Maybe I should try the plugin out before I comment any more… there may be an obvious reason why 😉

  4. Does Twitter lose tweets a lot? Nathaliemc complained yesterday morning that her last tweet disappeared. I didn’t think of it until today, but I went searching through my archive table and found her missing tweet:

    “Home sweet, warm, sweet home. Twittering with my right hand, holding my month old nephew with my left!”

  5. Matthias – They do something completely different. They don’t archive your tweets and those you follow.

    You can’t post tweets from “Tweet Tweet”. It’s simply there to make sure your conversations are never lost.

    Am I too paranoid?

  6. I make the assumption that you’d be able to use this to follow conversations (even if you can’t reply) from machines where you can’;t get to Twitter (like my work machines!) then. Ok, you can’t post to Twitter, but it’s better than nothing – especially as Twitter has disabled text updates in the UK. 🙁

    Nice work Donncha!

  7. Great idea for a plugin! One problem I’m having, though, is with the review pane. I’d like the option to resize the pane and be able to move it around the screen as needed. As it sits right now, it overlaps my dashboard navigation menu and I have to turn it off in order to be able to reach anything on the right side. If it helps, I’m also using the Remove Max Width and Ozh Admin Dropdown Menu plugins, so I don’t have that right-hand buffer area that’s the default in the WordPress 2.6.x dashboard.

  8. Hmm… just tried activating the plugin and got this error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare fetch_rss() in /…/wp-content/plugins/tweet-tweet/tweet-tweet.php on line 96

    any ideas?



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  10. I have to ask the same question as Chris does above. Twitter Tools basically archives your tweets by storing them in a table in your WP database as well. This seems to be duplicating functionality here.

    Not that I’m against that or anything, but it seems to me that this could be turned into a simpler “display” plugin to go along with the Twitter Tools plugin, which already saves this stuff locally.

  11. I feel somewhat confused as to why this would be a WordPress plugin. I will also admit that I haven’t installed and tried it yet.

    It’s kind of timely to run across this post, because I’ve been thinking of installing Twitter Tools by Alex King. That tool does only archive your side and not what others are saying, but looks to provide more blog hooks. With Tweet Tweet, am I able to do anything like summaries of my tweets and put them into a daily/weekly/monthly post or anything, or is it strictly an archiver?

    If it’s just an archiver, I’m not exactly sure why it’d be good for a WordPress plugin, but perhaps rather just done as a standalone app?

    I’m not bashing it at all. I generally quite like the work you do. If it were radio or something like that, I’d be all “long time listener, first time caller”. I’m just curious why it’s in WP if it’s strictly an archiver. 🙂 If it’s not and it has these features and I just haven’t seen them yet, let me know that too. hehe. 🙂

  12. Brian – As well as archiving it now sends sms alerts to Irish Meteor and Vodafone customers when they get replies and/or direct messages. I made it into a WP plugin simply because it’s the most convenient framework for me to work with, but it could quite easily be a standalone app too!

    Thanks for coming out of the woodwork and commenting!

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