@Fred – I’ll accept that there could be legitimate reasons for any individual part of it, but, taken as a whole, it does not ring true, and that struck me way before I knew anything about her politics or religious views – I’m just saying, read the emails, think about the timeframe and ask yourself “Is this really the work-pattern and the total output of someone beavering away all night, “processing hundreds of emails”.

As for permission, the whole thing reeks of being technically savvy but desperately hurried. Honestly, I don’t think it occurred to them that anyone would slow it down and actually look at the contents. Would you put a dozen extremely short emails forward as proof that you’d been working hard all night?

No, we were meant to briefly glimpse all these official-looking screens full of words and not notice that half of them were either to herself or just a few words long. And, no, when you’re rushing to hide something, you don’t stop to think that you might be exposing email addresses and confidential correspondence.

It’s all short-term, reflex action survival, digging yourself ever deeper, Bill Clinton without the cigar and the stains.

@ Gavin – the researchers would have contacted Sinnott before the show, she would have pointed them towards her video during a lovely, “ah, well, y’know, it’s been rough” chat and, true to form, not one “researcher” will have actually, really LOOKED at the video. Fucking amateurs 🙂

@FutureTaoiseach – I have sympathy for any parent whose child has difficulties but let’s drop all the “Ah, God, sure isn’t she great” crap that probably got her elected: you know what, having a disabled child does NOT automatically qualify you for the sainthood.

This is exactly the sort of fuzzy thinking that has allowed priests, politicians and various other conmen to get away with murder since the foundation of the Irish state. It is not only acceptable to question the honesty of our “betters”, I would say that it is an absolute requirement for true democracy.

I stand by my statement that good causes attract slime – if a car saleman’s name is Honest Bob, check your receipt.