I’m not casting about wild, unfounded assertions: I gave a complete list of WHY I have severe doubts about the veracity of her claims. I don’t NEED to say she is lying, I can be pretty relaxed about just letting people watch the video, look at the “hundreds” (…er .. twelve ..) of emails she allegedly sent and come to their own conclusions – this is one of those pretty obvious and embarrassing moments for everyone, like Bill Clinton swearing he hadn’t been fooling around with Monica.

Incidentally, even if Sinnott had been working for 7 hours overnight, that allowance is specifically and unarguably for that day, Friday, 9AM – 5PM. Good for her, burning the midnight oil, but she was not entitled to payment for Friday, neither were any of the other scammers dropping by with their suitcases to clock-in for the day before rushing off to the airport.

She got caught. She instinctively lied about it. She scrambled to fabricate evidence and it backfired. You believe what you want to believe, but the evidence is there, just like Monica’s dress.

You should also remember that the shiftiest people often associate themselves with the worthiest causes – charity, religion etc. Sinnott probably has done good deeds on behalf of the disabled but one thing is sure: if she, and all the other religious nut-jobs trying to stop stem cell research get their way, there will sure be a lot more disabled people about the place to do good deeds for.

Anyway, as I said at the beginning of this thread, I couldn’t care less about Irish politics, EU politics, US politics etc – anyone with any intelligence knows that the dice are loaded, that politicians despise their electorates and that, given the opportunity, they will all stick their hands in the cookie jar. I have realized that politics is just another form of showbiz, at the rather shabby end of the scale, along with strippers and birthday party magicians.

Do you really want to become the Taoiseach one day? It is sad to come across such poverty of aspiration in the young. Forget the cookies and dare to dream!

Oh, and, just for clarity, these views are all my own, nothing to do with Donncha, the owner of this blog.