Windows 95 is the best Windows

I used to believe that Windows 95 was the best version of Windows. Compared to previous Microsoft operating systems and software like Windows 3.1, how could I not think that way? DOS was great, it did the job it was supposed to and got out of the way when playing Doom 2 but Windows 95. Damn, that was a whole new ball game. Marvelous.

Now I’ve found something better. It’s a souped up version of Windows XP. Check out the screenshot. I’m getting rid of Linux. Ubuntu? Bah. It’s gone.

You can check out a fully functioning demo too. I know you’ll be as impressed as I was.

8 thoughts on “Windows 95 is the best Windows

  1. Deadly.

    I had been hoping it was a genuine skin. You could put over your (or more importantly someone elses computer).

  2. Hey,

    I still use Windows 95 on my Gateway 2000 Solo 75Mhz laptop! It still runs great! What’s best is that I have wireless internet too! Who would have thought? No one in 1995…and no one in 1997 for that matter either.
    Nice screenshot. Loved it.
    GTWY 2K

  3. I think w7 is the best windows in the world.i used to use w95 in 1998.but it wasn’t a great windows but now in 2011 i use to use really the best.its screenshot is really better.don’t you think?


  4. This is a joke right? Windows 95 is supposed to be one of the ******* operating systems on the planet. Windows 7 is far superior to anything the world has ever seen. I might use a windows 95 installation disk to eat my dinner off. Sorry if I’m offending anyone, but come on. Get with it.

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