Biosphere 2

Can you imagine staying inside a sealed building for two years without physical contact with the outside world? That’s what happened at Biosphere 2 in 1991. It makes an interesting story and the Wikipedia page has a lot more on that mission and a second one that followed.

We visited there today, here are a few photos!

Biosphere 2
Matt wants us to go live in Biosphere 2, away from the Nintendo Wii distractions to help get WordPress 2.5 out on time.
Biosphere 2Biosphere 2Biosphere 2Biosphere 2Biosphere 2Biosphere 2
A room with a view
I asked for a room with a view and they gave me this. WiFi reception is spotty but the view is stunning!

12 thoughts on “Biosphere 2

  1. I believe that one of the most astounding discoveries made by the occupants was not about the human condition at all. It was the surprising finding that trees need exercise. Apparently, because there was no wind within the Biosphere, the trees became very flabby and weak, and tended to flop about the place like teenagers on a sofa. A wind blown tree is a tough, strong tree!

  2. There is something about the seculusion that it might offer that would be refreshing. I don’t know that I could go with the full “no contact” with the outside world… but it might be interesting to be “encapsulated” with the likes of television and or radio so you would know world events, Internet, etc… Where would I sign up?

  3. LMAO at the room with a view comment. That place looks awesome. What was the general atmosphere like inside of that thing? What differences did you notice from the outside, to the inside?

  4. Tell him to get onto Bezos and have you all shot into space. There is no place on this planet safe from Nintendo Wii.

    I’m actually playing Super Mario Galaxy while writing this comment. 🙂

    (Don’t ask what I’m moving the Nunchuck with.)

  5. “Matt wants us to go live in Biosphere 2, away from distractions to help get WordPress 2.5 out on time.” <– He must be joking!! 🙂

  6. Would Matt stalk out of Biosphere 2 daubed in tribal markings and dried blood clutching a copy of BioPress 2.5? I’m concerned for the safety of everyone else & the future of WordPress here!

  7. Sadly, this happened before the advent of Reality TV. Otherwise there wouldn’t have been any problem finding funding for this 🙂

  8. While it may not be possible, even practical, for the general public to live in the Biosphere, it is possible to take a part of the Biosphere home. Our one of our concentrated non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products was used in the Biosphere 2 project. And, this product is now available to the public.

  9. i support global warming i wish trees would burn and it would be nice to have a ocean in my yard and who needs california

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