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My baby loves Daft Punk

My 7 month old son, Adam watched this video after breakfast and barely moved his eyes from the screen. I think he’s a Daft Punk fan. Cool.

Via Scott

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7 replies on “My baby loves Daft Punk”

Never saw much of the series, but I did read all the James Herriot books as a teenager. From what I heard, the series glossed over a lot of the nastier stuff from the books that a country vet had to deal with in the 1930s. Putting animals down, and the Knacker’s Yard.

That, and sinking 14 pints of Yorkshire Best Bitter on a Saturday night, which I think I’d need to do if I had his job. Ever seen a uterine prolapse? I have, in a cow, and hope I never do again. I wonder if it can happen to people too? I could look it up, but I’m in no hurry to do so…

I think you’re right. The series was a lot more innocent and non-offensive than what you describe! The most action packed bit I saw recently was one of them trying to round up pigs in a sty. That were exciting I tell you! Can’t believe it went on for 7 series though. Pretty impressive.

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