Hi Donncha,

I’ve been meaning to ask this since I first installed WP-SuperCache (the first beta). I have two special templates for mobile phone users. One is for the Apple iPhone called iWPhone (obviously for my blog) and the other one is for pda and mobile phone users called WordPress Mobile. Both plugins use browser sniffing to serve a special template. I just can’t get this to work with whatever caching plugin I use (and have used). Normal desktop users sometimes get the mobile optimized template (served from the cache), more often than not mobile users get the normal desktop template. WP-(Super)Cache kicks in way before these plugins are called and so I’m forced to turn these plugins off (and send the desktop version to mobile users, for which I’m getting alot of angry complaints).

My question: could you please find out a way to differentiate between ‘desktop’ and ‘mobile’ users and send mobile users to the proper plugin/theme instead of serving the desktop cache??? I’ve been searching for this solution ever since, but nobody seems to be willing to solve this dilemma once and for all.

I’ve read about the non-cache calls, but to be honest that’s way above my head 🙁 Any solution would be much much appreciated!

Kind regards,