Comment Referrers 0.1


Here’s a small plugin that does a small but useful task. It reports where the people who comment on your blog come from. It then adds a line to the end of your comment notification or moderation emails with that information.

Download: comment-referrers.txt

Install by renaming the file to .php and placing in your plugins folder and activating it on your WordPress plugins page.

Update! Here’s the plugin page for this plugin.



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  1. That’s a really good idea. It would be easy to add other information about the user too, wouldn’t it? such as browser string, country, etc?

  2. Shame it doesn’t help much with bot Spammers, but it’s always nice to know where your active users are coming from. I’d love to see something like this on Postnuke…

  3. Great Plugin. Thanks for a simple install plugin that is useful.
    Any added user referrer features are a great addon. It’s not only fun to see where your visitors, commenters, etc, are coming from but helpful in terms of content, language and safety.

  4. This could be interesting, it would be great it you kept the first referring sites details too. i.e. you could check the google string the used when they arrived and see what ones get you more comments.

  5. Dave – make sure there’s a referrer to report. Click on a post from your homepage and enter a comment. If you have WP-Cache installed you should clear the cache too.

  6. This is a great idea. I can see it working in two ways:

    1. When you receive a lot of negative feedback on a blog post, it can help you identify if these are regular readers or if they are new readers coming from another source, possibly where they’ve been told to leave nasty comments. If it’s the latter, you can choose to ban them until their hostility settles down (with the wp-ban plugin).

    2. When you receive a lot of positive/ feedback on a post, you can thank whoever sent the readers by sending the referrer an email or giving them a link.

  7. This plugin is a miracle worker!

    Thank you!

    It tells me where people found my articles when they leave a comment. Very very useful!

    WordPress webmaster – get this plugin! You need it! 😀

  8. Not really sure why you would need this, but I guess if you really want to know where your comments are coming from then this could be useful.

    I think if you wanted to take this to the next level you would store the results in a table then graph the results using jpgraph or something similar.

  9. I noticed in the small image screenshot you have, aside from Approve it and Delete it, you have spam it. I do not have that in my emails. I only have Approve and Delete. Does your plugin also activate the Spam it? Or is this another plugin that I don’t have right now.

  10. Great idea, a referrer plugin 🙂 That’s why I love wordpress, when you get the community involved with open source, everyone benefits. Thanks!

  11. >>seocontest2008
    You need to activate your Akismet plugin – as provided automatically with WordPress 🙂
    You’ll need to grab an API code, or whatever its labelled from I think.

  12. Great plugin, installed it on my blog.
    Since it’s not that much of a code, I think it would be a good idea to have it incorporated into WordPress code itself.

  13. What I’m wondering is,if the person is actually contributing to the conversation with a legit comment,why would you object to them trying to get some traffic and rank on their site? I could understand if it was something generic like “Nice Blog,great post.” But it seems that the person actually had read the post and actually commented appropriately.

    Am I missing something?

  14. Scott – not when the person intentionally goes looking for blogs to comment on. It’s even more evil and sneaky than “ordinary” spam because it’s harder to spot.

  15. >>Rob – have you reported your problems to the author(s?) of Bad Karma? I’ve not had any friends report problems with posting comments in the past. I’m sure if the problem could be found, that the people responsible for the plugin would want to improve it…

  16. Chris – referrers aren’t shown when there isn’t one. Lately I’ve noticed an increase in spam comments with a referrer and noticed a pattern in my logs from the IPs of those commenters.
    The spammers have a new tool, it’s probably desktop based and probably launches a browser with the post in question. Those comments don’t have referrers.

    I didn’t have a specific page ready for the plugin when I created it, so I do need to point it at the right one now. Doesn’t have to be the wporg plugin page though. Thanks for noticing!

    1. HAHAHA, oh yes it will. You came from a Google search for “spam karma 2” “Name” “Email” “Leave a Reply” so I removed your email address (so you can’t leave further comments without moderation) and your url too. Bye bye spammer!

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