WordPress MU 1.2.4

The new WordPress MU 1.2.4 went live this afternoon and can now be downloaded. This is based on WordPress 2.2.2, a security release, so it’s important to update your WordPress MU install too. If you haven’t changed any files, all your need to do is copy over the new release and things should work fine.

  • Kses has been reverted so you can use class and id attributes in your HTML tags again. Conor is already happy because his microformats will work again!
  • The installer has been smartened up and is now friendlier and may catch a few more problems before they arise.
  • Lots and lots of bugs have been squashed. It’s been messy but they had to be exterminated.

If you’re comfortable with Subversion and merging file changes, then the list of changed files should come in useful. You can also download a diff file there if that suits. Check the forum announcement for feedback.

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