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Unfortunately it’s simple to steal photos these days, and I spotted my Thieving Duck on yet another joke site. Most recently, the News of the World used it, this time it’s on

Unfortunately Jethro, the owner of the site, has declined to acknowledge my email of the 25th June and so refused to add a link to my blog post.

Hi Jethro,

The picture of the duck robbing the woman ( was taken by me in Chicago in 2005 and the original image can be found at

I would appreciate a link back to that page next to the image please as it’s a copyrighted image. Lots of other sites have already done the same, including and

Thanks, glad you like the photo!


I don’t mind too much when a site owner responds and adds a link back to my blog, but when they ignore me then my temper rises. Bah!

8 thoughts on “Jethro @ sucks

  1. I have similar things happening with WikiPedia; photos of things in Letterkenny from my flickr stream are turning up on local articles, with a wide variety of licences but none are correct.

    Like yourself, I don’t mind them being used, and don’t particularly mind missing out on the credit, but I really hate seeing someone else claiming the credit.

    It has also happened that I’ve been in Council meetings where highly-paid planning consultants, architects and various consultants have come in to give us powerpoint presentations on development proposals or rezonings, and they’ve used photos from my website again without credit. Bit surreal.

  2. That’s what gets me more; I’ve consulted on presentations for different things before (never one before any council) and used photos of my own, and the members of the local press here would be aware of my website and my work. It could look very improper if someone where to see the photos on the presentation, and put two and two together and get five.

    As to your point, yep if a councillor were getting paid on any level as part of a project, then you’d have a conflict to declare and need to leave the discussion. It’s usually best left as a bit of low-level piracy 😀

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