Top 10 dodgy website keywords

Would that be the top 10 keywords for a dodgy website, or top 10 dodgy keywords for a website?

It would be the latter actually. Thanks to the Keyword Rreport in Google Analytics I found out what the most searched for terms that brought people to Holy Shmoly! were and it wasn’t a pretty sight.


At least “cgwd” is a Linux word.

There is a positive side to this however. A lot of keywords are used to find this blog. The top ten are only a small slice of the pie so even though those keywords drive a lot of traffic here they are not the main sources it.


I found out about the Google Analytics Keyword Report through this post via James who kindly linked to my previous post!

What are the top ten keywords for your blog?

12 thoughts on “Top 10 dodgy website keywords

  1. My blog is in italian language.

    Anyway the largest number of access is from keywords related to horses, for my blog is called “Cavalcare”, which means to ride.

    Unfortunately, my blog doesn’t speak about horses at all. It’s simply a stupid nickname.

    I’ll try to speak about Paris Hilton now…

  2. Horse sex.

    Yep. I wrote Horse Sex and What is Dictating Your Blog’s Content? as in intellectual study on this same issue and since then, horse sex wins hands down in all keyword races. On a typical day I will have a top search term list such as:

    horse sex 126
    wordpress 29
    bookmarklet 22
    wordpress tips 19

    Only while doing the month long series on WordPress Plugins did horse sex drop out of the rankings. Now it is back up, stronger than ever.

    It’s a terrible thing to be known for. 😉

  3. How come my blog is in English but one of my top 10 keywords is in Arabic [I think]?

    Incidentally, Donncha. Yourself and myself are the only ones so far to come up with an interesting selection!

  4. I normally use the words “absolute”, “free”, and “porn” to direct traffic to my blog. My blog’s side name is “Absolutely porn-free renewable energy news”. Catchy, no?

  5. How disappointing, I came to this post looking for naked britney snorting coke and found SEO. 😉

    Seriously though, reading through awstats is hilarious sometimes. My favourite searchphrase I found was “how to hallucinate at home”. The top phrase is “rubber ducks” funny enough, and there’s no rubber ducks at our site whatsoever.

  6. so i’m not the only one! although horse-sex wasn’t mine (but all the mentions of it will definitely up your rankings for the phrase), “ipod in pussy” was one of mine.

    …..maybe i should i start a porn site based off of stock ticker symbols

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