Is this living?

Is this living?

I spotted this on a large advertising hoarding on the Western Road in Cork this afternoon and snapped it to remind myself to look it up. It’s right by UCC and in the perfect spot to attract the attention of webs savvy students. URLs on hoardings are like honey to a bee with me. I will snap off a few shots of the sign as a reminder and visit later. When I did visit I was presented with the following page.


I have to ask, if I’m visiting what country do you think I’m in?

After selecting Ireland and hitting “Enter” I was brought into a nice animation of a resort or hotel which built up and zoomed away again, and then repeated with another 2 locations before being brought to a hotel reception. I signed in and clicked around for about 5 minutes before getting bored of all the loading. It reminded me of the days spent loading C64 games from datasette. At least then I had the cool Ocean or Thalamus loading music to entertain me..

The copyright notice at the bottom of page identifies “Sony Computer” and a quick search took me to this post which has the following tv ad for the Playstation 3. Apparently this advertising campaign has been running all over Europe since January. I’m sure I would have come across a games console somewhere if I had persisted!

Game footage in the above trailer does look pretty. Anyone bought a PS3 yet? Someone told me they’re going for about €600 or so. That correct? You could buy a reasonably specced “home PC” for that much! Supposedly Ireland has a less than healthy obsession with everything Playstation so I’m sure they’re selling like hotcakes!

8 thoughts on “Is this living?

  1. Anthony – next thing they’ll come shipped with a keyboard and a mouse by default, and we’ll be back to the 80’s and 90’s when a whole load of different manufacturers competed with their own computers, all of which were incompatible with the others.

    Ah yes, the glory days of the Amiga vs the Atari ST, C64 vs Speccy 48k vs Amstrad CPC464. Them were the days!

  2. Donncha, yer a bit late jumping on the “what the hell do these ThisIsLiving ads have to do with PlayStations?” bandwagon, but I’ll forgive ya.

    And GOD, I hope those days of incompatible computers vying for the top spot (and all eventually failing miserably) don’t come back – that sure as hell WASN’T living…!

    For many many many reasons… I’ll be sticking with a PC.

  3. The worst thing about this is that they are getting free advertising from people blogging about it.


  4. Elly – that’s true, but anyone who comes looking for the advertising campaign slogan here will find only negative and disparaging comments about the new Playstation 3.

    Hardly something Sony would be proud of!

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