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Britney and Donncha's underwear scandal

Donncha O Callaghan Over the past week Britney Spear’s escapades while out on the town have made headlines all over the Internet but here in Ireland, sports fans have been witness to another underwear malfunction in the form of Donncha O’Callaghan’s superman attire at a recent rugby match! Ladies in the crowd were suitably impressed although the referee did tell Donncha to put his pants on before play could continue. Much to the relief of male supporters and the chagrin of the ladies I’m sure!

Yes, tv cameras were there and the coverage below (via) is just too shocking to show so click “more” to view the clip!

Tis the season for wardrobe malfunctions? (thanks Georgie!)

There’s further discussion on with much speculation and humorous quotes:

Even The Todd wouldn’t wear those.

Nothing extraordinary in seing the Hulk ripping his pants off.

… Stade Francais are ready to break the bank to sign Donnacha for next season …. he has to wear those very knickers when playing & will actually take part in the pre match entertainement with the Pom pom & moulin rouge girls.

And my favourite, a song composed by Boo Boo!

Donncha the red pants lock boy,
has a very red pair of pants,
and if you ever saw them,
You’d have to take a second glance

All of the other teams mates
refused to lift him up by his pants,
They wouldn’t let poor Donncha,
even give the line out a chance

Then one rainy, cold wet day
the freench ref came to say
“Donncha,give your team some peace,

Then he put on his black shorts
as they shouted out in glee
DOnncha the red pants lock boy
You’ll go down in HISTORY!

Later… Matt has created a Britney postcard! Just remember, it’s a little foggy in the UK right now…

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