I know a fellow who runs this type of scam he is from Lithuania, what he does is he gets one of his workers to draw several sticker designs, then he orders a shit loads of sticker each month. They are rarely the same they write whatever catch lines on them.

Anyway so this guy has like 12 to 18 old vans, all ensured and taxed, his so called charity business is also registered. He employs his so called mates and his mates offer their mates these positions. For each 1000 stickers one delivers he/she gets payed from 40-60 euros. Cash in hand.

So the driver and the doorman work together, what ever amount of clothes they get each day gets weighted in. The owner pays from 550-700 euros a tonne, to the people that work for him. Then he exports it to the Polish/Lithuanian region for approx 1200-1500 euros TAX free. The clothes get sorted and then sold at markets and second hand clothes stores for further profit.

This has gotten so bad lately that these people go after one another beating the shit outch other for these clothing bags. They are becoming territorial like animals do.

Anyway just a little inside on this if anyone is wondering.