Irish Blog Awards – Who's your favourite?

Ryan alerted me to the fact that Damien Mulley has opened the flood gates for nominations for the Irish Blog Awards!

This blog hasn’t been updated as much as it used to since took off, but take a look at the categories and email Damien if you think I should be nominated!

Guess I have my hands stuck in several of the categories with this blog and my photoblog, In Photos, so please don’t let me stop you nominating me in whatever category you like! 🙂

painful self-promotion ends!

5 thoughts on “Irish Blog Awards – Who's your favourite?

  1. Vote for me, I’ll vote for you!!

    What do you think, Donncha. Irish Blog Idol?

    Is there a better way to do this?

    In case there isn’t, Dead Beat suggests you get to the Arts and Culture catagory very soon….

  2. Hey wow this is sweet… I dunno where to vote but I vote for Donncha’s blog cos his is the most interesting and funny… even if it sucks that we all (or most of us) have tooth pain that’s why we found it to begin with.

    If this isn’t where we vote please let me know where??



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