gometric.ie :: Countdown to Metric speed limits

gometric.ie is the Irish Government’s site to inform the public that speed signs will be going metric on January 20th! It’s accompanied by a mailing campaign and advertising on radio and television so hopefully the message will get through to everyone!
“Ugh! Yeah officer, I saw the sign. It says 50mph in this area.”

From 20th January it’s kilometres for speed as well as distance.

4 thoughts on “gometric.ie :: Countdown to Metric speed limits

  1. That gometric site is absolutely awful – Flash rubbish on the front page, ugly moving boxes, fixed ugly boxes at the bottom and top of the screen. Worse than revenue’s site, and that is saying something.

  2. Listening to your ad’s on the radio I noticed the reader makes the mistake of pronouncing the word Kilometre as Kill-omm-iter (very bad – no such word) it should be pronounced as what it is ‘Kilo-metre’ . I must admit, it’s a mistake made all too often. cheers.

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