@Tom – the problem, in case you haven’t actually been reading the comments, is they’re not just collecting clothes. In some cases, they are stealing whatever’s loose.

It is also possible that they are using these leaflets as a way to find houses where the residents are absent for long periods. I have not seen any news of burglaries yet related to this, but it’s a thought…

There is also no proof so far that these items of clothing are going where they claim they’re going – they could be going straight up on a rack in some operator’s shop to be sold at top-dollar.

And the numbers (registration, phone, etc) are so far mostly fake. Not one valid registration number. This says to me that these guys are very very aware that what they’re doing is illegal, and they don’t want to be caught doing it.

If you’re totally okay with all that, I would guess either you don’t mind your house being used in a nationwide scam, or you’re in on it.