For sure Macbook software can easily be enabled, or is automatically enabled, to transfer your photos, movies, and no doubt, all your personal files from your lappy to the company, and from the company to who-knows-where. I can’t give direct evidence, such a thing would be impossible for an outsider, but it’s inconceivable I’ve made a mistake on this point. The transfers are, I assume, made during links to the iTunes store, and possibly through Apache RAID and Adobe. These ‘corporate’ backdoors strike me as perverse and diabolical, though perhaps in the name of detecting the perverse and diabolical on the public side of the computer, the ends justify the means. If you believe this, then also recall such power is used to discriminate against people who do not fall neatly within the bell-curve of statistical norms and government agenda. That could well mean you and me. Tolerance is on the wane, authoritarianism on the rise. The new aristocracy, the corportocracy, with rights of automatic invasion of privacy, with a license to spy.