I live in Inishowen in Donegal, an area that has been hard hit with road deaths in the past.

I live near a recently upgraded stretch of road that is just a race track for local hooligans in fast cars. Local Gardai have clocked local boys on this road doing over 120mph. Every day of the week you will see young people racing on these roads. The Gardai say that it is difficult to catch these drivers as the movements of the Gards are transmitted across a network of mobile phones informing these thugs of their whereabouts.

I think that we should address these problems in different ways:

Most of these cars are driven by young people who are probably paying over the odds for insurance, rarely are these cars in their original manufatured state i.e they have been modified and I doubt that these modifications have been given the their insurer. Surely if the Gards were to communicate with the insurance companies of these drivers then they may well find that they are not technically insured.

I believe that the local gard knows the identity of these drivers,as it is a small community. Even though they don’t have enough evidence to prosecute I wonder if they ever have a word with the parents. Personally I feal that it would be better to warn a parent that their child is a menace on the road rather than commiserate with them over their childs death.

I would like to see a change to the law where a person could make a statement about the bad driving of a particular car. These should be logged and if reports against this car goes over a certain limit then some action must be taken.

I know that some of these people are earning a lot of money these days and they will spend hundreds of Euro on petrol in a week so a €50 fine is nothing to them. So all motoring offences should be recorded on their licence and these should be displayed on their insurance disc. Then local Gards could ensure that they have communicated any offences to their insurance companies.

Looking at many of these drivers they seem to take some comfort from the anonymity of the hood. It may be that this happens more in a small community where the can be easier recognised but I am sure that this does restrict their vision and should deserve a couple of points for driving with a hood up.

I could go on and on but all I am trying to say is that there is more than one way skin a cat…

AND I would like to say that I have no problem with most young drivers it is just that I will not tollerate these other clowns, that drive on the road like they were playing their Playstations and who put innocent peoples lives at risk.