Thanks for commenting, appreciate it. Unfortunately the speed limits are there and they’re the law. It’s not optional. Unfortunately the limits aren’t always sensible but it’s what we have to live with it. Obeying them isn’t optional.

I know what you mean about rapid braking, whenever I’m on the dual carriageway between Blarney and Cork and there’s a Garda with a speed gun I’ll involuntarily look down at the speedo just in case it creeped up over 100kph. At least when there are fixed cameras we’ll get used to them and be aware of them. No doubt the AA will bring out maps with their locations like they do in the UK.

The irony of my writing this post and what happened to me on the way back from town this morning isn’t lost on me either, although the fault was with someone who’s petrol cap was loose probably. Gave me quite a fright when the car didn’t respond!