Ping Google Too!

Google announced that they will accept pings to their blogsearch service. Hopefully Pingomatic will support it soon so you don’t need to update your “Update Services” in WordPress. I’d say Matt’s sleeping off the jet lag from his trip to Vienna but it’ll probably be there in a few hours!

If you can’t wait, add “” to the “Update Services” in your WordPress Dashboard under Options->Writing.

Why is this good? By pinging Google you can tell them that you have updated your blog. That will get your post into the Google Blog Search index that much faster.

Update! Matt has already updated Pingomatic. WordPress users can rest easy that their posts will show up quickly on Google Blog Search now!

24 thoughts on “Ping Google Too!

  1. great stuff, nice info.
    It’s strange why its taken them so long to implement it, although thier indexing of new articles have never really been that slow.
    But hey ho – the “med” blogs will at least have something else to spam 😉

  2. “i thought we can add the ping url at Options->Writing correct?? ”

    Not for those of us who are hosted on it would seem.

  3. Even though you can’t modify who you ping on, Google blogsearch still picks up your posts, search for Donal or vanbregt to show posts from your respective blogs. No need to worry!

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  5. Does anyone know if there are any penalties for pinging Google twice for every post, or if there is any reason to use the ping option for the sitemaps plugin if pingomatic is already doing it?

  6. Lori, I’d think it’s best not to over do it and just use one of the ping options. Google might not like being pinged over and over.

    You can also submit your XML feed via the Google Webmaster Tools.

  7. sad I’am still trying very hard to get listed on the top of google search and get a PR but sad all hardwork is of no use

  8. I wonder, does Google aslo provide a tool to actually ping any given domain, to test the quality of service from any web-hosting.

    I landed here, coz I use the phrase “google ping” as the keyword

  9. I wonder: It is posible to ping google for a normal site? Must my site to be a blog? What happening if I ping google for a normal site? This is bad for my site? Is very interesting that Google Google gives more importance to personal websites than business one.

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