Help protect the kids on busy roads

There was a knock at the front door a few minutes ago. That’s not something that happens very often during working hours. At the door was a teenager in school uniform with what looked like a notepad in hand. He was collecting signatures for a petition to have more zebra and pelican crossings built in Tower and Blarney.

The petition was set in motion by the death of Clodagh Murphy in a road accident on September 20th last. She was only 14.

Hopefully we’ll see some positive results from the petition but it’s going to involve education too. There’s a pelican crossing on the main road in Blarney. It’s a very busy road with several junctions leading onto the road in less than a few hundred meters distance. There’s also a bus stop on one side of the road, and a school on the other.

  • I saw a teenager standing ready to run across the road. He was waiting for a break in traffic. He was right next to the pedestrian lights.
  • Every morning over a dozen students pile out of the bus and go to the back of the bus. They too ignore the nearby pedestrian lights and by weight of numbers force the traffic to stop and walk across the road. I’ll have to get a picture of that some morning.

The mind boggles.

4 thoughts on “Help protect the kids on busy roads

  1. Snap waist-high pictures of cars continuing through the stripes with the school uniform at the kerb.

    Post the images on Flickr with the tag “stupid” and nurture public education.

    If incensed, tag some images on Flickr with the reg numbers of the vehicles that run over zebras with kids waiting to cross.

    We all know cars are responsible for stupid driving in Ireland. Those who own those cars should have a simple way to find out when their cars are doing something stupid.

    Has your car acted stupid? You might find out by googling “stupid” alongside the reg number of your car. Like stupid

    It’s the cars, stupid. Help stamp out stupid cars. Flickr the stupid cars.

  2. Donncha’s post was about kids not using crossings, not cars abusing them. Did you actually read the post or just skim the title?

  3. Kids in my niehborhood seem to want to see if you will run them over . Two kids standing in the street looking at my stoped car finishing there conversation . I waited patientlly and when they let me by i continued to work . I made it on time but barley.

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