The roads around Blackpool are all supposed to be 50km/h but take the North Ring Road for instance, if you drive at the speed limit there, you’re taking your life into your hands. Just yesterday, I was driving up there and while keeping to the speed limit, some clown driving a council truck decided to pull out from a side road to get into traffic in the opposite direction. He had no chance of making it without making me, and thankfully the big white van behind me, slam on the brakes. I say clown because he knew what he was doing. He had his arm up in a conciliatory signal indicating that he knew that he done wrong. Plonker. If I had been speeding like everybody else, he probably wouldn’t have tried to get out and if he had, he wouldn’t have made it.

And the day before, a jeep almost blew me off the road as s/he was over the white line on their side when I had cars parked on my side. Ohh, bad driver behaviour makes my blood boil.

I can’t remember who it was on the radio yesterday from Fine Gael/Labour (what’s the difference?) but they were calling for continual driver training and assessment. Damn right. I passed my driving test almost a year ago now and you can see that people don’t follow half the stuff that should be done. I’d like to see them try some of that crap with the driving instructor I had! He was some langer but he got the job done.

It’s not just the young people that cause accidents. It’s the stupid people.