I'm glad I work from home

Every time I go out on the roads I play Russian Roulette. Why is it that huge container trucks keep pace with me on the national routes at 100km/h? Aren’t they supposed to be speed limited to 80km/h? Why is it that on the 50km/h stretch of road into Blackpool I’m routinely overtaken by motorists and lorries doing 60km/h and more? Why was I overtaken on a dangerous bend yesterday by someone who crossed an unbroken white line into the “fast” line and swerved into my lane right in front of me again when he was blocked by a slower driver? Where’s the social stigma of speeding?
Fear of penalty points has worn away. Maybe motorists should be locked up overnight for bad driving.
Raiméis comments on the death tole on Irish roads so far this year. 50 dead and it’s only the start of February. That’s an awful carnage.
United Irelander also has several links to other bloggers talking about this terrible waste of life, and links to statistics from the Gardai going back to the year 2000.
Who can you complain to? Try Minister for Transport, Martin Cullen TD at minister@transport.ie

23 thoughts on “I'm glad I work from home

  1. The roads around Blackpool are all supposed to be 50km/h but take the North Ring Road for instance, if you drive at the speed limit there, you’re taking your life into your hands. Just yesterday, I was driving up there and while keeping to the speed limit, some clown driving a council truck decided to pull out from a side road to get into traffic in the opposite direction. He had no chance of making it without making me, and thankfully the big white van behind me, slam on the brakes. I say clown because he knew what he was doing. He had his arm up in a conciliatory signal indicating that he knew that he done wrong. Plonker. If I had been speeding like everybody else, he probably wouldn’t have tried to get out and if he had, he wouldn’t have made it.

    And the day before, a jeep almost blew me off the road as s/he was over the white line on their side when I had cars parked on my side. Ohh, bad driver behaviour makes my blood boil.

    I can’t remember who it was on the radio yesterday from Fine Gael/Labour (what’s the difference?) but they were calling for continual driver training and assessment. Damn right. I passed my driving test almost a year ago now and you can see that people don’t follow half the stuff that should be done. I’d like to see them try some of that crap with the driving instructor I had! He was some langer but he got the job done.

    It’s not just the young people that cause accidents. It’s the stupid people.

  2. Oh man, tell me about it. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have our version of the Autobahn here called the Deerfoot (also know as lead-foot) People are killed and crippled on that freeway on a regular basis. The average speed is 130K, and god forbid you like to drive slow.

    I remember driving on the M in England, years ago, and it was fast, but at least you could putter along in the slow lane. Here in Alberta, you are not safe driving anywhere – the speed demons are always tailgating you. Arghhhh!
    Oh…and in the winter, just add ice and snow and you have a sure fire recipe for death.

    I’ve been working from home now for 2 years and I feel much safer.

  3. If you’re from Dublin Ireland consider you’re self-lucky if your not stuck in a traffic jam. 90 minutes to work in the morning and the same on the way home, if the gods are smiling on you. The press have labelled our toll bridge on the m50 a car park and the good news is they have more road works planed.
    I’m so glad I work from home now.

  4. I would love to work from home, but every time I enquire about it I come across scam after scam, I live in Co. Kerry Southern Ireland and I would love to know if there are any genuine work from home jobs in my area, I am a qualified Office Administrator, I am working as a secretary at the moment but I will scream if I don’t change to a more interesting job with more money and freedom.

  5. The lifestyle of a home business owner in this internet age is not as easy as it seems. I consider myself a rather smart guy, with a B.A and above average IQ, and I still haven’t succeeded. Well, I wrote all my failures and mistakes down, and you can all read them at my website.
    Hoewver the freedom, and the fact that I won’t be hot by a car is very appealing and obe of the reasons why I continue fighting for the lifestyle!

  6. Tell me about it! I’m living in Spain at the moment and the other week as i was driving to Alicante, these neon signs kept flashing every so often with the death toll on Spanish roads – 240 since January, sure to have gone up now! Nice weblog by the way.

  7. I don’t work from home yet, but I’m working on it. I’m attracting it all to me and can see it in my head how it’s going to be.

    Everyday I know I’m closer to achieving my goal. I intend to do it with real estate and network marketing via the internet. I’m so excited because my real estate is just beyond my reach and pretty soon I’ll have it. My network marketing business is close as well, but needs a little effort.

    I look forward to joining the ranks of those who work from home.

  8. Hi I would love to work from home, but it all seems to be about telesales and the such. I would love to do some transcribing of medical records. I worked for an American Insurance Company for over 7 years and have worked for an Irish Private Health Insurance Company for over 7 years. But I can’t seem to find any links to doing the type of work I want from home. Any ideas????????????????

  9. I recently bought an eBook on working from home. I heard these 2 girls on Gerry Ryan and they were so honest about the reality of working from home. The book is very good, gives you lots of ideas and the website is ______
    It’s good to know that there’s real Irish information instead of all the scams.

    1. Hi – saw your comments about the two girls on the Gerry Ryan show. Did you actually get paid work? I am very reluctant to pay anyone who asks for money before you work. I always thought people paid you to work – not the other way round.

      I would be interested to hear how you got on!

      Best regards

      1. Hi Ellen, I don’t know where you are living but here in Ireland you don’t even get paid when you do work for a boss, sad I know but we did kill the celtic tiger, so its back to my fathers time when most people worked for themselves and built up a loyal network of trusted people who wanted our services. Then we went and got free education and now we expect instant jobs for the 10+ years of school. But unless you are willing to change the way you are thinking on how you earn your income then you are stopping anything new entering your life. From now on its whoever offers the best service or advice gets paid… So become good at what you do…

  10. I like this topic. Speed limit always being an issue for luxurious car user. Why not Irish government improve their traffic like German. Luxurious car users have their own lane. Isn’t it great. For me, personally I have got no problem with speed limit because I have got nothing to rush. This is because I am a work at home dad. But for other who are rushing I hope to thing twice before breaking up the speed limit. Think about the one you love.



  11. hi

    if anyone out there knows of any work from home ideas i would be ever so grateful if you could forward on to me



    1. Hi Clare just key steps to ensure you find the best career for you.

      There is a great way in looking and evaluating companies, here it is.

      1. You find a company that will out last you!

      2. You find products that are universal and everyone wants to buy and can afford to buy?

      3. Is there a Pay plan that will pay you now and pay you long term, which will give you a career?

      4. Is the timing right for you to change direction?

      5. Will you get the support and training you will need to be successful?

      Now there one step above that is more important than the rest…
      Most people don’t realise which one and they never achieve what they are capable in their chosen career… Until I found which one, I too, did not realise my potential in my life.
      If you can put ticks against these 5 key steps that is the company you should join.

  12. There are a lot of legit work at home opportunities. You just have to do your research before you enter. Talk to people that are already involved.

  13. hey there , would someone please tell me what i should do as a first step to starting my work at home business

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  15. yeah, I’m in the states, we have one here in LA called the 101. You may have heard of it. Its a death trap. I love my home office!

  16. I just started working at home myself and have not had much luck.But i guess it’s not really ment to be as easy as it all sounds, If it was im sure everyone would be making all the “easy money” that everyone promises.
    Wish me luck as i keep on trying tho !

  17. You are right. Working from home (almost, office 2 houses away) and never think about the risks one avoids in the roads. Good points of view and the Minister of transport punchline is just great

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