Muhammad vs. the Holocaust

This morning, like a lot of people, I heard that an Iranian newspaper is looking for cartoons about the Holocaust. Reaction from Israel was expected, but where are the riots and demonstrations in Europe? Maybe later when people have had their breakfast.

Haven’t seen the comics yet? face of muhammed has ’em and a quick look at technorati returns many interesting posts:

Then there’s the hipocrisy of a peaceful religion acting violently against anyone who criticises them.

Later… Andrew Sullivan writes that it’s your taboo, not mine and, “Freedom means learning to deal with being offended.” (via)

Be careful, it’s a crazy ol’ world out there.

2 thoughts on “Muhammad vs. the Holocaust

  1. Well I guess your OK with depleted uranium ammos and torture, goody for you.

    Oh puppets, I bet you like that to.

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