The TVArk – television museum

Ryan found the TVArk! Ryan has linked directly to a few ads such as the old Kia Ora one from 1984 and remember the Trebor Soft Mints one set in a strange and soft world? That’s from 1987!
Lots more on the TVArk site itself, Yes Ryan, I’ll have to have a good look around this site tonight!

3 thoughts on “The TVArk – television museum

  1. can you put on the opening of the wpix 8 o’clock movie from 1995 because I been watching wpix since 1985 because it’s my movie favorite channel i like also can you put on the closing of the WNEW channel 5 movie from 1978 also can you put on ABC movie of the week from 1976 and also the closing of the NBC movie of the week in 1981 and the opening of the cbs tuesday night movie from 1980

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