Cancer chemical found in coffee

A cancer causing chemical has been found in coffee. Acrylamide is the drug in question and “only chips and crisps are responsible for greater quantities on average.” (That’s fries and chips to US readers)
Yet again, I’m glad I gave up coffee! Unfortunately the chemical is produced during cooking, “particularly high-temperature processes such as frying and roasting” and so bread and biscuits have high levels of it. Damn.

5 thoughts on “Cancer chemical found in coffee

  1. That’s really interesting. Especially the bit about the agent being created at high temperature cooking. I live in Hungary where I have heard there is a remarkably high number of deaths related to cnacer. One friend told me she thought it was the paprika (red food coloring), but now that I’ve read that, I would;t be surprised if it’s the quantity of deep fried foods in the diet. There are lots of breaded, deep fried foods in the diet.

    But then, if one weer to blame it on that – wouldn’t you expect to also see a high cancer death rate in south east Asia wher ethey wok fry like crazy and also serve a lot of hot pot…hmmmm.

    I guess organic raw is the only way to go.

    On coffee? I gave that up years ago – but I’ll bet my numerous cups of tea is killing me somehow!

  2. All those typos are the result of using a Hungarian keyboard with an English setting…I’ve had to start using an attached keyboard because my cat knocked my laptop onthe floor and ever since whenever I put any pressure on it, if I am listening to audio, it snap, pop, crackles like a bowl of rice crispies.

  3. It depends how high the temperature is when you’re frying. The higher you go, the worse are the effects for your health.
    Lots of fried food can lead to heart disease too so that’s another reason not to fry. Grilling is much better for your health!

  4. Wow. What a surprise. I used to drink a lot of coffee but now I’ll be drinking more tea instead.

    That’s also a surprise about chips and crisps too. We know we should all eat more healthily and there’s a pretty good case for it.

  5. I don’t think coffee being cancerous is not 100 percent true. I don’t have facts to prove it but there are few coffee with antioxidants that are beneficial in one’s health. It is also a remedy to treat common ailments. I couldn’t agree more with the fried foods. These can not only be cancerous but it can also be dangerous to your heart.

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