Very interesting to read this. I’ve been a huge Queen Fan for a very long Time and even Queen were somehow not only Musicians to me, but something more like a musical Family over all those Years I think it is plausible what Sam is stating here.

Besides Death on Two Legs is one of my absolute Queen Favorites – strong Emotions produce great Songs ^^

I guess the Situation wasn’t easy for them (the Band) and I also think it is not a lucky Decision of the Management to buy a Rolls Royce in such a Situation even it has not been paid by Record Sales of Queen.

But of Course every Story has two Sides and I believe that Freddie and the others were very impatient but that is also understandable. They already made Music for around 5 Years and were still very poor.

In the End everywhere on this Planet : When it comes to the Breakdown of the Money, Love – Friends and even Family ends. Even faster when you are under Pressure from your Wife, Child and so on.

So i think their Manager wasn’t necessarily a bad Guy but the Band saw him as such at the Time. Maybe also because they didn’t have the Control in that Situation and they had no Overview of what was going on.

And even I believe the Band when they say Freddie wasn’t a Diva I believe Freddie was a Person who always wanted to have Control over what happened with the Band. I believe he could get nasty when he believed he wasn’t in Control of the Situation.

So thanks Sam for this courageous Posting. It helped me understand the Band’s History better, I think.