Well Sheffield’s son, former PA and employee do indeed provide valuable info, does it not strike anyone as funny that they ARE still “things we read on the web” just like previous angles on the song’s eponymous subject? Queen obviously was small fries at the time compared to the likes of Beatles, Bowie, so who’s to know they didn’t get “fair” treatment “befitting” their status as perceived by Sheffield? Was Mercury writing from a starry ego years before he was “qualified” to wield one? Possible scenarios abound to argue for both sides. The only certain thing is this: the song’s about Queen’s interests vs. the manager’s own. If Mercury perceived unfairness and enslavement, wouldn’t this be fact-checked only by an impartial arbitrator (someone not related to Sheffield or under the lucrative benefits of his employment!), or someone actually privy to the ACTUAL terms of their contract and dealings? Is it possible a successful, respectable businessman engage in different dealings with clients of different industry standing & of differing values to him? You bet.