Cork blog – all about Cork City and County

Now, this is interesting. The Cork blog covers topics related to, you guessed it, Cork!
For some reason I found the entry about busses around Cork fascinating, possibly because busses are such a major part of urban life!

2007-11-01 – Bah, looks like the domain is gone. An MFA site is there now so I’ve mangled the links above. What a shame.



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  1. Hi

    I am a non drinker and drink alot of water in pubs when I go out, theirs a new water drink, Kilty its in a longneck bottle and does not look as dull as the rest,its also has more in it, the only problem is its not in every pub, only in the larger pubs in town.
    Anybody else drink this.


  2. Yeah I tried it not bad. You dont feel such a prat when you are drinking it from the bottle. peolple tried to take the keys off me because they taught I was drink Wicked all night. Pitty its not in more pubs. Brendan

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