End of Groceries Order announced

The Groceries Order in Ireland is over! Big and small stores can now compete on price and consumers will hopefully benefit!
Savings per family per year could be anything between 500 and 1000 Euro for the “average” household. Whatever an average household is.

The Groceries Order banned the sale of goods below the invoice price.

There’s a great discussion on Today FM about it right now! 🙂

9 thoughts on “End of Groceries Order announced

  1. I can think of only one independent shop around here or anywhere.. it’s a tiny little shop just outside Blarney. I’ve been in there, ooh, twice.
    The rest are Spar/Centra/Supervalu/other franchises anyway..

  2. That sounds great. I can see why you’re happy about it. But watch out for WalMart and the like. They’ve wiped out all businesses in some towns in the U.S. That’s where the danger is.

  3. There will be no reduction in prices as there is no incentive to pass on the reductions. It is a political exercise

  4. Colm – possibly, but I think there will be. If there aren’t any reductions it will be one less excuse the big chains can hide behind to justify their massive profits (calculated from tax receipts)

  5. this could be incredibly dangerous for Irish consumers in the long term, unless some sort of anti-monopoly regulations are put in place. What sort of consumer choice will there be if ,say, Dunnes Stores ends up running every grocery shop in the country?

  6. Dunnes Stores already have 3 stores within 3 square blocks in Limerick city and 2 within 100 yards at the Parkway out towards the University. Are they the WalMart of Limerick? 🙂

    I think only the discerning consumer will benefit, and only in the short term. There will be a few price wars on certain popular products – milk, bread, spuds, etc. – to drive customers in (while they make other popular products you need to buy at the same time more expensive), and only those willing to shop for different products in different stores will save any money. This will probably end when all the entrenched stores realise that they’re just wasting their time, when they could instead start a new cartel (if they don’t already have one) same as like the publicans of our beset nation and then its goodbye to your disposable income on necessary consumables.

    But this is Ireland – we’re used to being gouged for every penny and it gives us something else to moan about in the pub.

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