The Cork Northern Ring Road

A new ring road will be built in the next few years connecting the west of Cork with the north-eastern N8. It’ll be great for people living on the north side of Cork as it’ll improve access for lots of small towns, half of the city and urban population of Cork, and will provide another route for people coming from the West of Ireland.
This pdf file has a nice illustration and details of all the options available. It includes possible tunnels, and viaducts even!
The road is still in the planning stage although comments from the public were accepted up until March this year so it’ll be several years before we see this finished.

X is where I live!

One thought on “The Cork Northern Ring Road

  1. I think that would take several years what a massive undertaking.

    I wish we were building more roads here in the U.S.

    Doesn’t seem like to many people are interested with infrastructure, but I’m glad somebody is. The road should add some nice commerce and looks like it is going to go through a pretty part of your country.

    Hopefully by the time you get that thing all done my wife and I can come visit from the U.S. and enjoy it. It would be fun to get back into your neck of the woods again.

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