Martial Arts Demonstration in Midleton

A few weeks ago we went down to Midleton for their Food and Drink Fair. The place was packed with people and I got lots of shots. Here are a few of the martial arts demo we passed near the end of the day:
I wish my camera recorded milliseconds. All shots below were taken at 15:49:45.. The Canon 20D rocks!

7 thoughts on “Martial Arts Demonstration in Midleton

  1. Technique is poor, look at knuckle near thumb sticking out, will break if he hits this way. Look at how he cocks his punch backwards telegraphing Suckers punch? Also, look at how punch finishes in circular motion. Breaking boards or bricks is meant to blast thru the target in straight line and focus past the object. His belt & execution of technique indicates his lack of experience. Room for improvement is key and ability to accept constructive critism. OK Grasshopper?

    Robert Reuter, BS
    Black Belt Karate age 16
    Black Belt TKD age 19
    Brown Belt Aikido

  2. He broke the board and this is what his intention was.
    After all, it is a demonstration.

    From a practical fighting standpoint, practicing striking with your
    mouth open may leave you vulnerable to a broken jaw.

    Also, dropping the guard after punching leaves one vulnerable.

    In all fairness, this was a demonstration and the kids look like
    they are having a memorable moment.

  3. his name is tommy a good student. this was his first demo and his first time breaking.
    he did a great job

  4. For the sake of the successful demonstration as seen on the faces of the spectators, let us applaud Tommy for a job well done – he has successfully broken the board, which is what the demonstration was all about, I believe. And although he may still have a lot more to learn, being new to this breaking thing, he has nevertheless tried his best. Of course, the wisdom and advice of the old-timers are always appreciated. 🙂


  5. Incorrect Technique during breaks can cause alot of damage to your body. Speaking from experience, I have seen shattered knuckles, broken wrists and broken elbows.

    Teach Tommy to break properly… alright?

  6. His knuckle was not properly held. I wonder how it hurts but still he was successful in breaking the wood. Applauded

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