I was shocked to discover that my hard earned taxes are being used to subsidise the export each year of around 200,000 live cattle, from the European Union to the Middle East. The animals suffer stressful sea journeys lasting over ten days, only to be slaughtered in horrendous
conditions, with their throats cut while still fully conscious.

On average 175 euros (around £120) is paid for each animal exported, not to the farmer who has reared them, but to the dealer who exports them. The dealers profit from this trade because the EU subsidises it – using 60 million euros a year (over £41 million) from our taxes.

The farm animal welfare organisation Compassion in World Farming will be supporting World Farm Animals Day on 2nd October. Their central theme this year will be the \’Stop The Bull Ship Campaign\’, which focuses on
subsidised live exports. Visit http://www.ciwf.org
for more information or telephone 01730 264 208.

It is an utter scandal that British and other EU taxpayers are unwittingly subsidising such an abhorrent trade. Instead we should be supporting small farmers, promoting the welfare of animals and working towards a trade
in meat – not live animals.