Attic Insulation, Energy Bills and Conservation

One of those things I have to get around to in the next month is insulating the attic. I had a look up there last week and it needs replacing badly – it’s worn away completely in parts! I rang a local hardware store and they quoted me a price of EUR199.89 to cover the approx 56m squared of the attic. I have to check yet if that had a vapour barrier or not.
Here’s a few links for me to come back to soon:

Later… Comment posting was broken for a short period after the last CVS update but it’s working again – thank you to the person who says they have 60cm of insulation, I don’t think Cork/Ireland is cold enough to justify that amount however!
Much Later… The ESB and Bord Gais have very good but brief pages on energy tips. The ESB recommend 6″ of attic insulation, while Bord Gais recommend 4″. I’m going to install 6″ myself!

4 thoughts on “Attic Insulation, Energy Bills and Conservation

  1. hi there i was just wondering if your company had heard of covers for spot lights so that you do not have to keep the insulation fro the light up in the attic space.and if you have would it be possible to find out where i could source them.

    william halligan

  2. Hello, you can get a fire rated cover for your down-lighters which you install in the attic over the fitting, then you can roll your insulation over the fitting without any danger of over heating, they are known as down-lighter hats or noddy hats sometimes.

  3. hang on, those hats have holes in them! bet they didnt tell u that.
    My husband Mark did a diy job on our lights 3 years ago and still the draught was present. waste of 120 euro.
    so whilst getting an extra 8 inches of insulation fitted 2 weeks ago, I was offered some fire resistant boxes fitted, from a company called fitzsimons in dublin. they were best price for the insulation but more importantly they arrived on time! what a rarity!
    no draughts afterwards!!! My dear husband inspected the work after and all gaps around the boxes were sealed perfectly. 10/10

  4. @louise Sounds interesting. What kind on insulation was it? Do you know how they stopped the draughts?

    I have heard that if you fit under floor insulation really snug it can stop draughts – perhaps they used the same principle for your attic.

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