i want to post a complaint about a cafe/club/pub in Store St. in Dublin called Isaac Butts/Radio City. I am president of the Ballsbridge college students union and we organised an event in the location mentioned above. We paid a e200 deposit and were told it was 100% refundable unless we cancelled the event. We were also told that drinks would be reduced to e3.50 at 11.00pm and that a d.j with a good mix of music would stsrt at approx 11.30pm. The drinks didnt go down in price until 12am and the d.j. started half an hour later and played music never heard by anyone at the event. This party took place mid January and it took me until Monday 24th April to get in touch with a manager through phone calls and going to the club aswell. I was then informed the deposit was non refundable. This money is the colleges money not mine or any of the other students. I now have 3 days to raise e200 to replace for next years student union. I want to name and shame this “business” and prevent any other college or establishment from being conned out of their money. The PR manager i initially dealt with has since left and when i contacted him he assured me that he was told the deposit was 100% refundable. This was a misunderstanding between the club manager and his pr manager not me and the establishment. I am entitled to that money back so i can replace it in the college funds. If you could please post this as a warning and another symbol of a rip off cheating part of the irish economy i would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to e-mail me with any queries.
thank you,
Julie WIlton